Designed to Educate & Entertain

DISCOVERY Children’s Museum has developed a variety of workshops for children and families.  Several different themed workshops will be presented monthly. The workshops are programmed to give children and parents the opportunity to discover new passions in science and art as well as early childhood development.  The museum’s workshops are led by our team of credentialed educators in each specific field, helping shape the next generation of artists, scientists and little ones how to learn.

Workshops fall into three categories:

Just For You(th): These workshops target children only (ages 6-12) where the child benefits from the experience in science investigation and art exploration.

Family Fun: These workshops are designed for the ENTIRE family to enjoy together.  These experiences include activities that require an adult’s assistance, but the child participates, too.

Me + 1:  These workshops are designed as a shared activity time between an adult and a Little Learner (our name for our youngest visitors). These workshops include a guided interactive session designed to promote the child’s social-emotional, physical and intellectual development. A adult “mingle” session is included to encourage parent discussions related to topics presented in the workshops.

Experience what our Workshops are all about at our monthly Drop-In Workshops.  A condensed version, these fun and educational workshops offer a peek into our full offerings.

Please check back later for upcoming workshops. We do not have any currently scheduled.