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DISCOVERY Children’s Museum Announces New Feature Traveling Exhibit:
Scholastic’s The Magic School Bus™ Kicks Up A Storm

Get ready for a complete weather experience when The Magic School Bus™ Kicks Up A Storm at DISCOVERY Children’s Museum May 24 – Sept. 1, 2014. The exhibit is based on the popular Scholastic Entertainment books and television series now available on Netflix. The Magic School Bus™ has been transformed into a flying weather observatory where different types of weather can be created, experienced, and measured. Visitors will be immersed in the weather exhibit in a uniquely Scholastic’s The Magic School Bus™ way by visiting Ms. Frizzle’s Classroom, climbing aboard the bus itself, transformed into a Weather Observatory or visiting the Walkerville Weather Center. Through these three interactive environments, visitors can explore the water cycle and its relation to weather, and how influences from air, heat, water and land combine to create weather.

“We are pleased to host The Magic School Bus™ Kicks Up a Storm where visitors will learn about the science of weather while having great fun,” states Linda Quinn, Chief Executive Officer of the Museum. “This hands-on exhibit will introduce children to the wonder of science. We hope it will ignite a passion and interest in understanding the world around them, and an ability to envision themselves as the scientists of the future.”

The Scholastic’s The Magic School Bus museum exhibit is an ideal way for children, parents and teachers to have a real in-person Magic School Bus experience through Ms. Frizzle’s one-of-a-kind approach to making science fun.

Everyone can learn about the different types of weather and their characteristics, and how to read natural world indicators to predict the weather. Plus, visitors can manipulate scientific measurement tools such as thermometers and anemometers and get the behind-the-scenes scoop on how to read maps and graphs like a real meteorologist!

Ms. Frizzle’s Classroom
Filled to the brim with unique science projects created by her students, Ms. Frizzle’s Classroom gives kids hands-on experiences as only Scholastic’s The Magic School Bus can.  Children can check out Ms. Frizzle’s Weather Bureau to explore a variety of climatic regions and how people adapt to them while learning how weather influences our decisions about clothing, shelter, food, work and even play.

Ralphie’s Hot Air Balloon Race
Children will have the exciting opportunity to send miniature hot air balloons sailing over a heated surface to capture rising heat and learn about it’s important role in weather.

Tim’s Hot Backyard
Kids can compare the effects of heat on a variety of surfaces. They will learn how heat comes from the sun and how different surfaces absorb and reflectdifferent amounts of heat.

Keesha’s Wind Globe
Kids can observe global wind patterns and how wind is created. They will be able to create air movement and learn what happens when hot and cold air meet and how temperature differences affect the wind.

Carlos’ Air Blasters
Visitors can direct bursts of air and observe their impact on remote objects to learn about the mass of air and how it travels in varying masses.

Wanda’s Watery World
The water cycle is an important part of weather. Children can learn about evaporation, condensation, accumulation and precipitation as they activate a water cycle model and interact with key moments in the cycle.

Pheobe’s Climate Puzzle
Piece together a jigsaw puzzle of the U.S. laid out in climate zones to learn how weather varies according to the latitude and how environmental features play a part in defining weather.

Dorothy Ann’s Ring Around the Seasons
Visitors can spin a model of the Earth to learn how the seasons change as they observe how the planet’s tilt affects the intensity of sunlight.

Arnold’s Cloud Cover Window
Children can measure cloud cover by using a gridded mirror and learn how cloud patterns provide clues to the weather.

Liz’s Weather Friends
Kids can find out how weather affects animals through Liz’s feathered, furry and sometimes scaly friends as she shares postcards on weather experiences.

Walkerville Weather Center
Future reporters will have the opportunity to observe and interpret weather data and post it on the Local Weather Board, or try their hand at weather reporting by taking an assignment to gather weather data and file a report.  Kids can go “live” from the Frizzle News Network (FNN-TV) studio or Frizzle News Network Radio to report the weather just like their favorite meteorologist – all while learning the inside scoop on the weather terms and vocabulary used in the world of weather. They can even go “on-location” as a weather reporter to share with viewers what safety precautions to take during severe weather or access videos on a variety of weather topics at the Weather Video Jukebox.

Scholastic’s The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm was created by The Children’s Museum of Houston, in collaboration with Scholastic Entertainment.

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