House Calls

DISCOVERY on Wheels House Calls program by grade level:

KINDERGARTEN: Let’s Eat! Foods & Nutrition
Explore why humans need food, the various food groups, and the nutrients food contain. Learn about the importance of variety and moderation. Recognize healthy food choices.

FIRST GRADE: Bright Smiles and Clean Bodies – Dental Health & Hygiene
When proper hygiene is not practiced it is very hard to maintain a healthy body. Thoroughly understanding what can happen as a result of not following proper hygiene habits will make it easier to understand their importance.

SECOND GRADE: Making Sense of Our Senses – The Five Senses
Things are not always what they seem. Why does food taste differently when you have a cold? Can you match different sounds? Every day we use our senses to explore the world around us. Explore the sense organs and how they are connected to the brain and spinal cord. Learn how it all works together allowing us to experience the world we live in.

THIRD GRADE: Wonderful ME! – Cells & Genetics
The human body is an amazing machine that we must understand to properly take care of it. Take a close look at the smallest living unit of the body, the cell, and how we have developed into the person we are today. Examine the genes responsible for gender and physical characteristics.

FOURTH GRADE: Young at Heart – Circulatory & Respiratory Systems
Examine the heart, healthy versus unhealthy arteries and lungs, as well as the functions of the circulatory and respiratory systems. Use real stethoscopes to listen to your heart. Learn what blood is made of and how to correctly take a pulse. And, prevention of heart disease will be addressed using models.

FIFTH GRADE: What’s Up Doc? – Medical Professions & Equipment
How does a doctor diagnose what is wrong? What are all those gadgets and machines for? Through hands-on investigations, explore medical equipment used to take your blood pressure, measure your lung capacity, read an x-ray and more!

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