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5 Reasons to Host Your Kid’s Birthday at DISCOVERY

If you’re looking for the perfect place to host your kid’s next birthday party, look no further. Here are five reasons DISCOVERY is IT!

1) At DISCOVERY, we not only make birthdays special for the honoree but extra EASY for the host! That means less work for YOU! Don’t sweat the details. Leave that stuff to us! Our staff members have helped ensure hundreds of birthday boys and girls enjoyed every detail of their special day. And they can’t wait to do so for your special little one!

2) Not only do you and your guest get to enjoy a private party room, but access to three floors of heart-pumping, brain-boosting, curiosity-quenching fun, adventure, and DISCOVERY! Stay and play at the Museum for a couple hours…or hang out with us the entire day! For a look at our nine galleries filled with dozens of exciting, interactive exhibits, click here.

3) You won’t find a more exciting or unique venue for your little one’s birthday. DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is the ONLY children’s museum in Las Vegas and the only place offering access to STEAM educational experiences so awe-inspiring, your kids have so much fun they forget they’re learning! We promise your birthday party will leave a lasting impression…not just on you and your kids, but each and every one of your guests!

4) Anyone who books a birthday at DISCOVERY gets a 10% discount on all toys and activities in our DISCOVERY Store! If you’ve ever been inside, you know the DISCOVERY Store is stocked with the hottest toys on the market — toys that align with our mission of igniting a lifelong love of learning in children and their families. Also, because we are a nonprofit, all items in our store are completely tax-free!

5) Now, more than ever, children deserve to be celebrated. It’s no secret that these past couple of years have been tough on everyone, but they’ve especially been a struggle for our kids. That they made it through another year of uncertainty in school, postponement and/or cancellation of their favorite extracurricular activities, canceled plans with friends and family members, is an incredible feat. What better way to honor that than with a massive celebration at the only place in Southern Nevada putting children’s needs for play, exploration, belonging, and unique learning experiences FIRST, at the very top, where they belong.

To learn more about our birthday experiences, please click the button below. We can’t wait to celebrate with you.


From their first day of school to their first A-HA moments.

We put our kids first.

Parents (under a purple overlay) with their toddler (in full color) who is playing on an exhibit

That’s a FIRST made possible by the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum.

As a premier educational partner in the community, we will champion collaboration that inspires every child to become an innovative thinker through the joy and wonder of hands-on DISCOVERY.