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An Easy Way to Give Back to DISCOVERY

Giving to DISCOVERY has never been easier. From October 1st through December 31st, you’ll earn votes with each trip to Target, that you can cast for local non-profit organizations. Target will then direct a portion of the sale towards the non-profit of your choosing! How easy is that?!

Please make sure you’ve got the Target Circle app downloaded. Have the Target cashier scan the QR code at checkout, then use the vote you earn to vote for us!

There have been few easier ways to do your part in helping to put Our Kids FIRST.

From their first day of school to their first A-HA moments.

We put our kids first.

Parents (under a purple overlay) with their toddler (in full color) who is playing on an exhibit

That’s a FIRST made possible by the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum.

As a premier educational partner in the community, we will champion collaboration that inspires every child to become an innovative thinker through the joy and wonder of hands-on DISCOVERY.