DISCOVERY Lab Workshops


Come visit our new and innovative makerspace, DISCOVERY Lab! Our makerspace offers a unique learning environment and workspace designed to stimulate exploration, creativity, risk-taking, critical thinking, and collaboration through a hands-on approach. DISCOVERY Lab encourages all visitors to dive into the design thinking process without fear of failure – in fact, failure is encouraged! Successful outcomes result from routine trial and error, and failure is considered an important steppingstone to knowledge in DISCOVERY Lab.

DISCOVERY Lab offers a variety of interactive experiences. The open-making area presents design materials that provoke inquiry, and the guided-making area provides cutting-edge technology through an interactive computer lab featuring coding and CAD software, and a workshop space featuring a laser cutter, 3-D printers and a kiln. Special resources available for use in this space include tools for woodworking, circuitry, sewing, sculpting, ceramics, painting and more! Special STEAM themed workshops and camps are also presented by community artists, engineers and tinkerers.

Makers are producers and creators, builders and shapers. What kind of maker are you? Visit the DISCOVERY Lab and follow YOUR idea from conception to creation!

DISCOVERY Lab Daily Programming

Time: 12:00pm
Location: Presentation Space
Gallery: DISCOVERY Lab – Level 2
Laser Focused
Description: Learn about the cutting edge technology that laser cutters use to create everything from industrial manufacturing applications to crafting materials.

Time: 2:00pm
Location: Presentation Space
Gallery: DISCOVERY Lab – Level 2
Coding 101
Description: Discover what makes you unique! Explore how and why scientists use fingerprints, observe your own, and see how they are unique!

Time: 3:30pm
Location: Presentation Space
Gallery: DISCOVERY Lab – Level 2
A Third Dimension
Description: Learn about the scientific process behind 3-D printing and watch an object form before your very own eyes!

Open Making:
Costume design, circuits, clay, 3D sculptures, architecture design, etc.