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July 6, 2019



Time: Ongoing throughout the Day

Location: Art Zone

Gallery: Toddler Town – Level 1

Description: WHAM! Learn about onomatopoeias and use them in superhero inspired artwork.


Time: Ongoing throughout the Day

Location: Creative Stations

Gallery: Young at Art – Level 3

Description: Do you wish that you could be a superhero? Design your own heroes with superpowers as we create superhero comics!


Time: Ongoing

Location: Presentation Space

Gallery: Patents Pending – Level 3

Description: Learn the science behind superpowers in the natural world – from climbing walls to invisibility.


Time: 10:30am and 1:30pm

Location: Art Zone

Gallery: Toddler Town – Level 1

Super Story Time – Special for Little Learners 5 and younger
Description: Join us for a SUPER interactive story time, and practice superhero sounds and actions while listening to the story.


Time: 11:00am

Location: Presentation Space

Gallery: Young at Art – Level 3

One Point Perspective
Description: Join us for an engaging discussion about one point perspective and learn how to create depth in your own superhero drawing!


Time: 11:30am and 3:00pm

Location: Presentation Space

Gallery: Patents Pending – Level 3

Superhero Science Theatre – At the Science Bench
Description: Bam! Pop! Smash! Join us as we use the super scientific method to discover the science behind the superhero powers of Thor, Storm, Ironman, Superman and Supergirl.


Time: 12:30pm

Location: Presentation Space

Gallery: Solve It – Level 3

Ancient Images
Description: Compare and contrast ancient forms of communication and learn how scientists assign meanings and dates to them. Then, build your very own geoglyph!


Time: 2:00pm

Location: Presentation Space

Gallery: DISCOVERY Lab – Level 2

Makey Makey

Description: Experience electricity hands on as you use everyday objects to conduct musical circuits!


Time: 2:30pm

Location: Presentation Space

Gallery: Eco City – Level 2

What’s in the Trash?

Description: Take a closer look at what’s in the trash! Help identify and sort recyclable materials and learn how to save the environment by reducing the trash you throw away!


Time: 4:00pm

Location: Riseman Family Theatre

Gallery: Fantasy Festival – Level 1

Cody Gets Lost in the Desert Puppet Show
Description: Meet some of the interesting animals that live in the Mohave Desert and help Cody the Coyote search for his family.




Superhero Masks

Description: Every superhero needs a secret identity. Design your own mask to keep you safe from villains!


Superhero Photo Opportunity

Description: Using your favorite superhero inspired props, strike a powerful pose in front a cityscape backdrop!


Superhero Cuffs

Description: No superhero costume is complete without super cuffs! Design your own unique wristbands to complete your super-suit!


Exploring Nanotechnology

Description: Learn about nanotechnology, and explore how this extremely small science contributes super things to our everyday lives!


Superhero Shields

Description: Saving the day can be tough work! Paint your own super shield to protect you from incoming danger.


Superhero Puppets

Description: Build a superhero puppet, and imagine your own super adventures together!


Superhero Medallions

Description: Design a medallion featuring a unique symbol to enhance your superhero costume!


Magneto Slime

Description: Magneto is a mutant with the superhuman power to control magnetism. Test your magnetic abilities with an interactive magnetic slime activity.


Superhero Scavenger Hunt

Description: Follow the clues and find all of the superheroes hidden throughout the museum galleries. Turn in your completed scavenger hunt at the DISCOVERY Store for a superhero surprise!


Superhero Cape Workshop

Description: Join us in DISCOVERY Lab and design your very own superhero cape! Purchase tickets at Visitor Services. $6.00 General Admission and $3.00 for Members.


July 6, 2019
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