Open February 9 – Alien Worlds & Androids

Blast off to a world where science fiction meets science fact. How close are we to discovering new alien worlds and alien life? What are the differences between Androids and Robots? What inspires scientists, writers and filmmakers? What do we hope CURIOSITY will find on Mars?

The nine interactive areas that can be found in the exhibit include:

  • Area One “Are We Alone?”: In this area, guests will wonder what the universe really holds while being presented with the question that has fascinated many for centuries, “Are We Alone?”
  • Area Two “Looking for Life in Space” Museum guests will be introduced to the idea of life on exoplanets with interactive experiments such as the Extreme Planet Makeover.
  • Area Three “Alien Life on Earth”: The state-of-the-art area will highlight technology that allows scientists to collect data on extremophiles including the submersible ALVIN, complete with robotic arms and thermometers.
  • Area Four “Artificial Intelligence and Robots”: Families will discover the differences between robots and androids and get up close to the robots made famous in iconic films, including the T-800 from “The Terminator” franchise.
  • Area Five “Robot Space Explorers”: Guests will explore the journey to Mars and learn about the other intergalactic explorations robots have taken in the past.
  • Area Six “Explore the Solar System”: Offering copious amounts of data collected by scientists, this section of the exhibit will provide explorers with new insight on the possibility of life existing on certain planets and moons.
  • Area Seven “The Robotization of Planet Earth”: This interactive area showcases the function of robots on our planet and gives families the opportunity to maneuver high-tech machinery such as a mechanical arm.
  • Area Eight “I-Cyborg”: The I-Cyborg will teach children all about robotic suits and exoskeletons, which can give humans super-human strength or help those with spinal injuries to learn to walk again.
  • Area Nine “The Human Microbiome”: Visitors will learn about the “aliens” also known as microbiomes, living in their own bodies.

Our dedicated museum educators are excited to welcome you to the newest traveling exhibit and will help your family make the most of their experience!

Alien World and Androids invites you to explore the cutting-edge science taking place right now at organizations such as NASA and JPL, and brings you face to face with the fantastic worlds depicted in your favorite science fiction films and books. Join the interactive expedition to Alien Worlds and Androids on exhibit at DISCOVERY Children’s Museum February 9, 2019.

Thanks to the generous support from our donors, Title I second and fourth grade classrooms are eligible for free field trips for the duration of the exhibit. 

Please contact ASAP to schedule your school visit – dates are very limited.

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We loved our time there!! Love that they also bring new exhibits regularly!

Amy C.