The Summit

WOW! The Summit is a 70-foot tower that encompasses 2,200 square feet and ascends all three floors of the museum and pinches through the roof.
Featuring interactive science exhibits as well as sliding and climbing structures, the Summit is an experience that is both intellectually as well as physically engaging for visitors.

On each of its 12 levels, visitors interact and experiment with exhibits that highlight the connections between scientific concepts and real-life applications. Each level contains hands-on components that facilitate exploration of different science strands:

  • simple machines
  • air pressure
  • flight
  • magnets
  • visual perception
  • light
  • sound
  • earth
  • electricity
  • energy
  • space science

From lifting a car with a giant lever to taking in the amazing view at the roof, visitors experience science in a unique way. Reaching the top of the Summit is a reward in itself!