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Ultimate Guide to Toddler-Friendly Activities at DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is dedicated to early childhood education through interactive exhibits and hands-on learning. Our Museum provides a dynamic environment where toddlers can engage in play that is both educational and fun. Here, young children and their parents find a space to explore, learn, and grow together.

Whether you’re a local or visiting, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum offers enriching experiences that support the developmental milestones of toddlers, making every visit a memorable one.

Explore Our Interactive Exhibits and Activities Floor by Floor

What You Can Find On Floor 3:

Energy/Energía (Exhibit) 

This exhibit invites toddlers to interact with dynamic displays that introduce basic concepts of energy. Children can manipulate elements that illustrate how energy is used and transformed, offering a tactile learning experience.

Patents Pending (Exhibit) 

A space dedicated to nurturing young inventors. Here, children are encouraged to use their imagination to solve problems and create new things. The exhibit features various puzzles and building activities that challenge their reasoning and enhance their creative thinking skills.

Young at Art (Activity) 

Toddlers can express themselves in this artistic zone under the guidance of adults. With materials for painting, drawing, and crafting, children have the tools to explore their artistic side in a structured environment, helping them develop fine motor skills and artistic expression.

What You Can Find On Floor 2:

Eco City (Exhibit)

This exhibit allows toddlers to engage with urban planning through play. Using large, colorful pegs, children can light up a miniature city, learning about energy and the basics of how a city functions.

Intermountain Health Exhibit (Activity)

In this interactive space, toddlers pretend to care for babies in a nursery setting, gaining an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of health care professionals. This hands-on approach encourages empathy and understanding of caregiving roles.

Smile Squad (Exhibit)

At the Smile Squad, children learn about dental hygiene by brushing and caring for GIANT teeth. This engaging activity helps them understand the importance of keeping teeth clean and introduces basic health care practices in a fun and memorable way.

What You Can Find On Floor 1:

Fantasy Festival (Activity)

  • Castle Blocks at the Round Table: This area allows toddlers to build and construct using large, easy-to-handle blocks, fostering their fine motor skills and encouraging imaginative play.
  • Castle Mouse House Library and Pantry: Toddlers can dive into a world of books and pretend play in a thematic library, stimulating their love for reading and role-playing.
  • Throne Room: Here, children have the opportunity to engage in storytelling through puppetry, creating their own tales with puppets or crafting shadow puppets to develop narrative skills and creativity.
  • Desert Pearl: This ship-themed play area invites toddlers to embark on a literary adventure with a selection of good books or to get creative with a magnetic underwater scene, enhancing their understanding of different environments and storytelling.

Water World (Activity)

Experience the dynamics of airflow as toddlers send scarves flying through a series of interconnected tubes, offering a visual and physical understanding of wind power.

Toddler Town (Exhibit)

Designed specifically for the youngest visitors, this desert-themed exhibition provides a variety of sensory experiences that stimulate learning and discovery through touch, sight, and interaction.

What You Can Find On All Floors—Even the Roof!

The Summit (Exhibit & Activity)

The Summit extends through all three floors of the museum, culminating at the roof. This expansive exhibit invites children to send a ball down a track that winds through various interactive sections across the floors. Toddlers, with the help of adults, can manipulate ball walls to change the ball’s path, offering hands-on experience in problem-solving and physics. 

Additionally, the exhibit includes slides that are designed for use with adult assistance, ensuring both safety and fun. This vertical adventure not only entertains, but also educates, making it a highlight of the museum experience.

Educational Benefits of Hands-On Play at DISCOVERY

  1. Critical Skill Development: Our exhibits engage toddlers in hands-on play that enhances problem-solving abilities, fine motor coordination, and spatial awareness.
  2. Sensory and Cognitive Growth: Interactive activities promote sensory and cognitive development. For example, manipulating ball walls in The Summit teaches toddlers cause and effect, while creative tasks in Young at Art improve fine motor skills and encourage artistic expression.
  3. Achieving Developmental Milestones: Each interactive experience supports crucial developmental milestones. Activities are designed to advance language skills, social interactions, emotional growth, and physical coordination.
  4. Foundation for Lifelong Learning: By providing a range of sensory and interactive experiences, DISCOVERY lays a strong foundation for curiosity and ongoing educational engagement.

For families planning a visit to DISCOVERY Children's Museum, download our Little Learner Experiences Toddler Guide to make it easy to plan your next visit.

Explore Membership Options and Benefits at DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

1. Various Membership Levels

The Museum offers several membership levels to cater to different needs, including options for individuals, families, and larger groups. Each level provides unique benefits that enhance the museum experience.

2. ACM Reciprocal Network Access

With any membership, gain access to the ACM Reciprocal Network, which offers discounted admission to over 200 children’s museums nationwide. This benefit is perfect for families who travel and wish to explore more learning environments.

3. Cost Savings

Membership pays for itself after just a few visits. Additionally, members enjoy exclusive programs, events, and previews that are not available to the general public.

4. Inclusive Pricing Options

The Museum is committed to accessibility and offers special pricing for military families and participants in the Museums For All program, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our exhibits and educational programs.

Daily Programming and Events at DISCOVERY

Educational Programs and Activities

Each day, the Museum offers a range of free educational programs designed to engage children of all ages. These activities are scheduled throughout the day to ensure that all visitors have the opportunity to participate.

Accessing Program Information

Details about daily events can be easily accessed through the Museum’s Wayfinder or by scanning the QR codes located throughout the museum. This system provides real-time updates and schedules to help visitors plan their day effectively.

The DISCOVERY Store: More Than Just a Gift Shop

Educational Toys and Snacks

The store features a variety of educational toys that extend the learning experience beyond the Museum’s exhibits. Alongside these educational tools, the store also offers a selection of snacks perfect for a quick energy boost during your visit.

Tax-Free Shopping

All items in The DISCOVERY Store are tax-free, allowing families to save more while shopping for their favorite educational products.

Additional Discounts for Members

Members of the Museum receive an exclusive 10% discount on all purchases at the store, adding extra value to the membership.

Discover, Learn, and Grow at DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

At DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, we offer a wealth of engaging and educational experiences designed specifically for toddlers. From interactive exhibits that foster creativity and learning to daily programs that enhance educational opportunities, there’s always something new to explore.

Experience the wonder of DISCOVERY Children’s Museum by exploring our toddler-friendly exhibits and consider turning your day visit into a lasting relationship by applying your admission towards a membership. Discover more, learn more, and grow with us. Visit today and see why so many families trust us as a key part of their children’s developmental journey!