When it comes to activities in Las Vegas the possibilities are endless, but in terms of kid friendly activates the search becomes slightly narrower. Although, with the addition of Discovery Children’s Museum a kid friendly Las Vegas is now in sight. The facility features a 58,000 square foot building filled with nine differently themed interactive exhibits. Each exhibit relays an array of possibilities to appeal to all age groups, making the museum a perfect solution to a family fun filled day of exploration.

Throughout the different levels, the museum features a multitude of targeted areas in which children can find an array of activities to meet their liking, appealing to each and every demographic. Not to mention, Discovery Children’s Museum literally has something for everyone! It is the perfect place to entertain all ages simultaneously all in one place.

Since its doors opened over one million visitors have graced the grounds of the museum, all with the highest regard to their experiences. It is no surprise Discovery Children’s Museum is now one of the top rated family oriented places in all of Las Vegas. Their new edge on the kid friendly Las Vegas experience has truly changed the game.

Never before has a museum been so entertaining and edgy. With its top of the line facility, over 26,000 square feet of space has been solely dedicated to the most interesting and captivating exhibits that allow children and adults alike to take a step into science itself.

What better way is there to learn aside from hands on fun filled endeavors? Don’t wait, plan your next family outing to Discovery Children’s Museum and see what being kid friendly in Las Vegas is all about.