Free Memberships for Families in Need

What is it?  
Vegas Has a Heart is a campaign to fund 1,000 free Family Memberships for families in Southern Nevada who are living at or below the poverty line.

How does it work?
First, individuals and businesses donate to the campaign. Next, our community partners identify families in need to receive a free one-year membership to DISCOVERY. Lastly, the membership package is mailed to recipient families and they are invited to begin using their membership immediately.

Who are our community partners?
CORE Academy powered by The Rogers Foundation, Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority, and Acelero Learning will identify families to receive a free family membership. Additionally, the Regional Transportation Commission has generously donated one-day transit passes that will be included in the membership package mailed to each family.

When is it?
On Sunday, February 11, 2018, we invite you to our Vegas Has a Heart Benefit at DISCOVERY. All proceeds from Admission, the DISCOVERY store, and special activities, will benefit the Vegas Has a Heart campaign. For an additional $10 donation per person to the campaign, visitors can participate in two special activities –  Cookie Decorating and Heart Art!

The Vegas Has a Heart campaign began in 2016 and the campaign will run until all 1,000 Family Memberships are funded.

Why are we doing this?
As one of the few cultural centers for children in Las Vegas, we have the opportunity to make a significant impact on families in need of a community safety net. We understand life’s basic needs like shelter and food need to be met first. We also understand a safe space for play and family time is invaluable to a family in distress and can pave the way for more positive outcomes – especially for children. Central to our mission is providing access to children and families from economically and culturally diverse backgrounds. These free memberships will substantially increase access to the hands-on learning and dynamic educational experiences. But perhaps more importantly, they will give vulnerable families a safe place to spend quality time together, to forget their hardships for a moment, to freely smile, laugh, create and play.

How can gifts be made?
Gifts can be made in person at DISCOVERY, by phone at (702) 382-3445, or online.
For more information please contact