Open January 11 – May 3, 2020 – Run! Jump! Fly!: Adventures in Action™

Run!Jump!Fly!: Adventures In Action™, brought to you by our presenting sponsor Nevada Health Link, encourages visitors to try out activities they may have never before encountered and also revisit familiar activities in new ways. Cultural spotlights and real-life stories of young people and families who are passionate about a particular activity will deepen visitors’ motivation to get into action. As visitors move through the exhibit and have fun with physical activity, they will get ideas for how they can become more active daily.

Throughout the exhibit, kids and accompanying adults stamp the activities they tried on Action Trackers. Visitors can also take home a 3-Day Mission Action Tracker – activity logs that encourage people to get physically active for a total of 60 minutes a day.

The exhibit is aimed primarily at children ages 5-12, while children 2-5 will also be able to join in the fun at many of the activities. Additionally, Run!Jump!Fly!: Adventures In Action™ developers worked to make the exhibit’s features accessible to visitors with varying physical abilities and developmental needs.

Run!Jump!Fly!: Adventures In Action™ features four adventure scenes, an action star training center, and a toddler area. Each adventure scene provides an imaginative setting in which kids can try out a high appeal physical activity and highlight a specific physical challenge of balance, strength, coordination or cardiovascular endurance.

Please contact ASAP to schedule your school visit – dates are very limited.