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Accessibility & Amenities

The mission of DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is to foster a welcome, vibrant, and inclusive environment where all are invited to engage in playful and educational experiences that ignite a lifelong love of learning. Listed below are some of the services and amenities offered to ensure everyone’s visit is both comfortable and convenient in addition to educational and fun. If there is anything else we can do to accommodate you and your individual needs during your visit, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


If you are in need of medical or first aid assistance during your visit, please contact the nearest staff member.


Doors —Accessible devices are installed on the south sets of doors at the main Museum entrance. These doors will open automatically by pushing the square blue button located adjacent to the door.

Wheelchairs – Standard wheelchairs are available for visitors to borrow during their visit for no cost, on a first-come, first-served basis. They are located at the Visitor Services desk on the first floor of the museum.

Water Bottle Fillers —Accessible fountains are located on all three floors of the Museum next to the restrooms.  (Fill your personal water bottles or you can purchase a water bottle in the gift shop.

Elevators —A public elevator is available for use and may be accessed on every floor of the Museum. The elevator is located on the first floor past Visitor Services.

Lifts – Lifts are installed on the Pirate Ship and the Castle exhibit in the Fantasy Festival gallery on the Windsong first floor of the Museum, for visitors who need assistance to access the upper levels.

Ramps – Ramps are located on the second and Sands Foundation third floor levels of the Summit exhibit, for visitors who require assistance to access these levels.


Accessible restrooms are located on all three of the Museum’s floors.

Three sets of family (unisex) restrooms are located in the museum and are available for those individuals requiring assistance from a family member or companion.

A family (unisex) restroom is located inside the Toddler Town Gallery on the first floor of the Museum.


Seating – Seating areas are provided in all Museum galleries, and in the refreshment areas located on the Windsong first floor of the Museum.

Nursing Area – A Nursing Nook is located in the Toddler Town gallery on the Windsong first floor of the Museum. This area provides comfortable seating and bottle warmers. Visitors are welcome to nurse wherever they are comfortable in the Museum.


Refreshments – Food and drinks are permitted in the designated eating areas.  Snacks and fresh selections of food and drinks are available at the DISCOVERY Store on the Windsong first floor.


Digital Resources – Digital Wayfinding Screens displaying daily Museum programming times and locations are located on each floor of the Museum.


DISCOVERY Children’s Museum recognizes the right of people with disabilities to be accompanied by their service animals. People with service animals will be allowed full access to all areas. Service animals must be on a leash and credentialed and must be in the control of the person with a disability or his/her companion.


Please download to read our Accessibility Statement.

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