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Explore our three entire floors packed with heart-pumping, brain-boosting, curiosity-quenching fun, adventure, and DISCOVERY. Delight in our unique interactive games and activities, found nowhere else in Las Vegas. This is your chance for an unforgettable experience, sparking joy, laughter, and a sense of wonder in both kids and adults.

Kids pointing over a glass screen in awe


DIY meets DISCOVERY! Come visit our innovative makerspace, a first of its kind in Nevada!

Young female kids having fun in the museum. One kid is holding a hose that blows air

The Summit

This 70-foot tower encompasses 2,200 square feet and is made up of 12 levels that ascend all three floors of DISCOVERY Children’s Museum!

Kids dressed in gowns & as pirates standing on a stage

Fantasy Festival

IMAGINATION REIGNS IN FANTASY FESTIVAL! This gallery combines a life-size pirate ship, a medieval castle, and our Riseman Family Theatre to inspire new heights of creative play, dramatic exploration, and collaboration.

A young boy holding a shopping basket filled with fake groceries

Eco City

Eco City is a metropolitan and environmentally friendly mini-city filled with familiar buildings and businesses.

A young girl looking at an off camera game to stimulate curiosity and problem solving

Patents Pending

Patents pending is an environment devoted to experimentation, curiosity, invention, problem-solving, and tinkering.

A toddler wearing glasses and holding a spiky rubber ball

Toddler Town

Toddler Town is a desert-themed exhibition specifically designed for our youngest visitors – little learners!

A young girl wearing a red raincoat and laughing as she gets splattered wet inside the exhibit Water World

Water World

Water is power and water world celebrates water – its movement and power, the courses it finds, and the ways it interacts with objects it encounters as it flows and falls.

A child in the foreground wearing a plastic hardhat helmet standing over a mini construction site that has sand

Solve It!


Do you have what it takes to figure out the mystery? Solve It! is all about the art of investigation.

A mother and her young child having fun creating art

Young at Art

Have you ever wondered what it would be like walking into a Dr. Seuss book?

From their first day of school to their first A-HA moments.

We put our kids first.

Parents (under a purple overlay) with their toddler (in full color) who is playing on an exhibit

That’s a FIRST made possible by the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum.

As a premier educational partner in the community, we will champion collaboration that inspires every child to become an innovative thinker through the joy and wonder of hands-on DISCOVERY.