DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is a nonprofit organization that offers a one-of-a-kind experience for families in southern Nevada and tourists from all over the world.

At DISCOVERY, we put children’s needs for play, exploration, inspiration, belonging, and unique learning experiences above all else. And we have been doing so for over 30 years now.


Our mission is to foster a welcoming, vibrant, and inclusive environment where all are invited to engage in playful and educational experiences that ignite a lifelong love of learning.


As a premier educational partner in the community, we will champion collaboration that inspires every child to become an innovative thinker through the joy and wonder of hands-on DISCOVERY.


DREAM: Curiosity is at the core of innovation and creative thinking. We celebrate new ideas and help children turn imagination into reality.

INCLUSIVITY: We honor the power of different perspectives from people of all abilities, backgrounds, and beliefs.

SAFETY: We take pride in providing a safe, clean, and accessible environment.

COLLABORATION: We believe our community is stronger when people connect and organizations partner together. We thoughtfully create partnerships that serve the diverse needs of our community.


VALUE: We deliver an exceptional experience families can trust, and create lasting memories for every generation.

EDUCATION: We serve the developmental needs of all children through interactive exhibits and informal learning experiences. We are committed to meeting the ever changing needs of our society.

RESPECT: We create a culture of respect by valuing human dignity and kindness.

PLAY: Play is a child’s way of learning, and laughter and happiness are essential for every child to experience.


Like the Association of Children's Museums, we believe children’s museums are unique community institutions where…

● Children are valued citizens with the right to developmentally appropriate and high-quality learning experiences.

● Play is learning, and it is critical to the healthy social, emotional, and cognitive development of children.

● Family, culture, environment, and society are recognized as critical factors in all children’s lives to effectively serve them.

● Pursuing equity and inclusion is a best practice that reflects a commitment to serving all children and families and advancing the growth of our field.