Fantasy Festival


This gallery combines a life size ship, castle and stage to inspire new heights of creative play, dramatic exploration and collaboration. In Discovery Castle, visitors enter the medieval era and become queens, jesters, princes, kings, princesses or other members of the royal community. Guests in the castle’s throne room can create a customized throne while enjoying a puppet show.

On the upper level, they’ll invent new castle models, don knight costumes and dump “boiling oil” on attackers. On the stage, visitors can develop their own productions through story boards and then bring the idea to life through a variety of full-size backdrops and 3-dimensional magnetic props as well as costumes, lighting and makeup.

On board the ship, visitors will load cargo, use a map and compass to set a new course, raise a flag and fire the cannons all while exploring the collaborative community built when at sea. For the smallest visitors, quiet nooks with books and activities await.