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Why should kids care about better brain health?  What does a concussion look like? What can you do to build your brain -- and have fun while you do it? Captain Cortex, Ms. Fitness and Cleveland Clinic's Dylan Wint, MD, coach better brain health!

DISCOVERY’S Chris Lucas creates a cloud inside the Museum using "cool" science!

DISCOVERY Children's Museum's Kim Carter introduces us to Ahna Skop, a geneticist who studies how cells divide.

DISCOVERY Children's Museum's Lexi Keaton introduces us to Jo Varner, a biologist who studies some of the world's cutest animals...Pikas!

DISCOVERY Children's Museum's Lexi Keaton introduces us to Myria Perez, a paleontologist with "fossil fever!"

DISCOVERY’S Kyra Lehtinen DISCOVERS electricity by making a "people piano."

DISCOVERY’S Chris Lucas explores the scientific properties of liquid nitrogen.

DISCOVERY’S Lexi Keaton creates lightning in this demonstration on how static electricity works.

DISCOVERY’S Chris Lucas demonstrates what happens when you mix oil with water.

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