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12 Things To Do With A Toddler in Las Vegas: A Guide to Kid-Friendly Activities

At DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, we’re delighted to share that Las Vegas, famous for its glitzy adult attractions, is also a wonderland of adventures perfect for families with toddlers. Alongside other attractions like Springs Preserve, we pride ourselves on providing interactive, educational fun, proving that our city is more than just bright lights and late nights. It’s a place where families can come together to learn, play, and create lasting memories.

Join us as we explore more about how Las Vegas is not just for grown-ups anymore, and how it charmingly accommodates its littlest explorers with wonder and excitement.

1. Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino

If you’re over at Mandalay Bay, make sure to swing by the Shark Reef. This place is huge, covering about 95,000 square feet, and it’s more than just your average aquarium. They’ve got everything from sharks and rays to a bunch of different fish and reptiles. It’s a great spot for both kids and adults, offering a bit of education along with the fun.

What to Do with Toddlers

For those with little ones, the shipwreck exhibit is a must-see. It gives them a chance to check out sea life from all angles, almost like they’re underwater themselves. And definitely let them have a go at the stingray touch pools – it’s a hit with the kids.

Pro Tip

Keep in mind, Shark Reef is pretty popular and can get crowded. Heading in early usually means fewer people and a more chilled experience. After exploring, there’s a food court nearby that’s perfect for grabbing a bite, especially if you’ve got kids in tow. They’ve got a good mix of options that’ll please the younger crowd.

2. The High Roller at The LINQ

You’ve got to check out the High Roller when you’re at The LINQ. It’s this massive observation wheel, standing about 550 feet high. Great for a family outing, it’s totally safe and kid-friendly. Plus, you get some killer views of the city and the desert around Vegas. It’s a fun way to see things from up high and sneak in a little learning about Vegas, too.

What to Do with Toddlers

If you’ve got toddlers along, try to catch a ride around sunset. It’s the perfect time for some awesome photos. And don’t just gaze out; listen up to the audio commentary. They share some pretty cool facts about Vegas as you go up.

Pro Tip

While you’re on the High Roller, make sure the kids get a chance to look out from different spots in the pod. The right side usually offers the best views, but honestly, it’s pretty amazing all around.


3. The Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck

Hit up the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck if you’re looking for a slice of Paris right here in Vegas. This spot gives you some sweet views of the Strip without costing an arm and a leg. It’s totally safe and cool for kids of all ages, so the whole family can have a blast.

What to Do with Toddlers

Got little ones? They’ll get a kick out of watching the Bellagio fountains, seeing the mountains, and spotting planes zooming in and out. It’s more than just a pretty view; they’ll pick up some fun facts about Vegas, too.

Pro Tip

For a real treat, go check out the Eiffel Tower at night. That’s when Vegas lights up and really shows off. 

4. Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

Looking for something a bit different from the usual Vegas show? Check out the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater. It’s a real family-friendly vibe with some amazing juggling and a bunch of talented animals doing their thing.

Why We Recommend This Activity for Young Kids

This show’s perfect for families, especially if you’ve got toddlers. Between the circus acts and the cute animals, the kids are going to be totally into it. And Gregory Popovich’s juggling? That’ll wow everyone, no matter their age.

Pro Tip

Don’t stress too much about getting to this show super early for a good seat. The theater’s set up so pretty much wherever you sit, you’re going to get a great view of all the action.


5. The Venetian Gondola Ride

If you’re looking to mix up your Vegas trip with a bit of Italian flair, you’ve got to try the Venetian Gondola Ride. It’s super chill for families with babies, and you get to cruise through the Grand Canal Shoppes with your own singing gondolier.

What to Do with Toddlers

With toddlers, this ride’s a hit. They get to see all the cool sights and sounds around the Venetian Hotel, making it a fun little adventure.

Pro Tip

Go for the indoor gondola ride. It’s more comfortable, especially to keep the kiddos cool and out of the sun.


6. DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

At DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, nestled right in Downtown Vegas, we offer an exciting and interactive experience for families with toddlers. Our Museum spans 58,000 square feet, brimming with hands-on exhibits that ignite children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

What to Do with Toddlers

When you visit us, don’t miss out on Toddler Town. This area is specifically designed for young explorers, where they can express their creativity with markers or indulge their senses by listening to various animal sounds. Tailored for toddlers, Toddler Town ensures they’re engaged and thoroughly entertained.

Pro Tip

We recommend visiting on a weekday if possible. The Museum is generally quieter, allowing your little ones to explore and learn in a more relaxed environment, free from the larger weekend crowds.


7. Springs Preserve

Springs Preserve, managed by the Las Vegas Valley Water District, is like a hidden gem about 180 acres big. It’s a peaceful break from the non-stop vibe of the Strip. You’ve got these cool desert botanical gardens, nature trails, a theater, and even museum exhibits to check out.

What to Do with Toddlers

For the toddlers, there’s plenty to do. They can get up close with butterflies, join in on some fun workshops, or take a walk with you on the guided trails. Don’t forget to let them loose at the playground – it’s decked out with these giant animal sculptures they usually love.

Pro Tip

That playground is a winner for a day out with the little ones. Plus, if you’re looking for another family-friendly outing, head over to Red Rock Canyon. It’s stunning with its red rock scenery and has loads of kid-friendly activities.


8. Downtown Container Park

Downtown Container Park, right in the heart of Vegas, is this unique spot where shopping and fun come together. The whole place is made out of shipping containers, which gives it a cool vibe. There’s stuff for both you and the kids to do, including a playground that’s perfect for the little ones.

What to Do with Toddlers

If you’re with toddlers, you can catch a free movie outside, and there’s plenty of kid-friendly eats to try. Don’t miss The Treehouse – it’s an interactive playground built for climbing and sliding, great for kids over three.

Pro Tip

Before you head out to the Downtown Container Park, make sure to check if there are any special events happening in the area. Sometimes, streets may be closed off for these events, which could affect your visit.


9. Lion Habitat Ranch

Just a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip, the Lion Habitat Ranch in Henderson offers a unique glimpse into the lives of majestic African lions. This sanctuary is dedicated to the care and conservation of these magnificent creatures, providing a safe and educational environment for visitors of all ages.

What to Do with Toddlers

dedicated to the care and conservation of these magnificent creatures, providing a safe and educational environment for visitors of all agesThe Lion Habitat Ranch is an exciting place for toddlers to see lions up close in a safe setting. The ranch also features Ozzie, the painting giraffe, adding a whimsical element to your visit. Children can learn about wildlife conservation in an engaging way and may even have the opportunity to watch Ozzie paint, turning a typical day out into an educational adventure.

Pro Tip

Plan your visit around feeding times or special events to make the most of your experience. This not only allows you and your toddler to see the animals at their most active, but also provides a learning opportunity about the animals’ diets and care. Don’t forget to bring a camera!.

10. Cowabunga Vegas

When the Las Vegas desert heat is at its peak, Cowabunga Vegas water parks offer a refreshing escape. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a family-friendly aquatic adventure, Cowabunga Bay in Henderson and Cowabunga Canyon in Summerlin have something for everyone.

What to Do with Toddlers

At Cowabunga Bay in Henderson, families can conquer the world’s largest man-made wave aboard a four-person raft on the Wild Surf ride. For a different kind of adventure, Cowabunga Canyon in Summerlin offers the Texas Tornado, a high-speed four-person raft ride through a giant funnel. Both parks also feature wave pools, lazy rivers, and water playgrounds designed to keep toddlers entertained and cool in the desert heat.

Pro Tip

Beat the heat and the crowds by arriving early, and don’t forget to pack sunscreen and water to stay hydrated throughout your aquatic adventures in Cowabunga Vegas.


11. Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Tucked away on Las Vegas Boulevard, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum is a cool spot to learn about animals, ancient cultures, and even rocks and minerals. It’s both fun and educational, making it a hit with families.

What to Do with Toddlers:

Take your toddlers on a journey back in time in the prehistoric-life gallery where they can see dinosaurs that look just like the real thing. The marine-life exhibit is also awesome – they can see live sharks and stingrays up close. And for a little hands-on science, the Young Scientist Center lets kids dig for fossils and check out rocks and minerals up close with microscopes.

Pro Tip

To really enjoy the museum and avoid the hustle, try to swing by on a weekday. It’s quieter, so your kids can really get into all the fun learning stuff without the big crowds.

12. Tournament of Kings

The Tournament of Kings is a medieval-themed dinner show at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas. It offers a 90-minute spectacle filled with jousting, horseback races, pyrotechnics, sword fights, and even singing and dancing. Plus, the dinner served during the show is surprisingly delicious.

What to Do with Toddlers

The action-packed adventure of the Tournament of Kings is sure to captivate kids and adults alike. Witness jousting, horseback races, and thrilling sword fights, all while enjoying a delicious dinner featuring roasted chicken, corn on the cob, and potatoes.

Pro Tip

If you’re interested in experiencing the Tournament of Kings but would prefer to skip the dinner, consider the “Dinnerless Admission” option. Do note that these specific tickets can’t be purchased online. You’ll need to visit the Excalibur Box Office in person to secure your seats for this thrilling spectacle.

Discovering Las Vegas with Your Little Explorers

Las Vegas offers a plethora of entertaining and engaging activities that cater wonderfully to families and children of all ages. From the playful enchantment of Downtown Container Park to the thrilling medieval escapades at the Tournament of Kings, there’s an adventure around every corner. Remember, amid all these wonderful experiences, a visit to the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is a must. Here, we don’t just tell children about the world – we show them how to explore it through interactive exhibits and educational programs. So, come join us for a day packed with discovery and fun – it’s an experience that your family will treasure forever!

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