Journey Through the Museum With Ease

This information provides a brief summary of the services offered by DISCOVERY Children’s Museum to people with disabilities. If you have specific questions related to any of these services, please contact Reservations by calling 702-382-3445. If you have questions during your visit, look for staff members wearing name badges, they will be happy to assist you.


If you are in need of medical or first aid assistance during your visit, please contact the nearest staff member.

Storage for medical equipment and medications is available in the museum’s First Aid Room. This room is also available for visitors requiring a private space for administering medical treatment. Please go to the Visitor Services for additional assistance.


Visitor Services can coordinate this service for visitors. Request assistance from a staff member for further instructions.


Doors —Accessible devices are installed on the south sets of doors at the main museum entrance. These doors will open automatically by pushing the square blue button located adjacent to the door.

Drinking Fountains —Accessible fountains are located on all three levels of the musuem next to the restrooms.

Elevators —A public elevator is available for use and may be accessed on every level of the museum. The elevator is located on the first floor past Visitor Services.

Queuing —Queuing areas throughout the museum are at least 42 inches in width to meet standard ADA requirements. If you have difficulty negotiating a queuing space while visiting the museum, please seek assistance from the nearest staff member.


Accessible restrooms are located on all three of the museum’s floors.
Three sets of family (unisex) restrooms are located in the museum and are available for those individuals requiring assistance from a family member or companion.


DISCOVERY Children’s Museum recognizes the right of people with disabilities to be accompanied by their service animals. People with service animals will be allowed full access to all areas. Service animals must be on a leash and credentialed and must be in the control of the person with a disability or his/her companion.

The museum attempts to provide other reasonable accommodations with a two week notice and strives to ensure that your entire visit will be comfortable, convenient, educational and fun!